Truckee Sanitary District


Blake R. Tresan General Manager 587-3804
Diane PiccioliExecutive Assistant/Board Secretary 550-3121
Mark WasleyFinance and Administrative Services Manager 550-3117
Kara RaymerSenior Accounting Technician 550-3120
Angie ReaAccountant 550-3119
June Reeve Accounting Technician 2 550-3143
Liz JordanHuman Resources/Risk Management Administrator550-3104
Vanessa Vindel Residential & Ordinance Testing Specialist 550-3138
Laura Small Commercial Accounts Specialist 550-3152
Ray Brown District Engineer/ Assistant General Manager 550-3135
Sarah Bergeron Senior Engineer 550-3112

Mike Donchez Lift Station Supervisor 550-3107
Steve Murphy GIS/IT Specialist 550-3105
Annette Wolfe Engineering Support Specialist 550-3126
Mike WhiteSenior Field Inspector 550-3101
Jeremy Bourque Field Inspector 550-3103
Bret Miracle Field Inspector 550-3102
Field Operations
Eric Sundale Superintendent 550-3111
Ryan Clifton Cleaning Supervisor 550-3115
Rene Lopez TV Supervisor 550-3113
Matt Ruge Construction Supervisor 550-3114
Lisa Snider O&M Support Specialist 550-3116

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